Venue proudly builds upon its commitment to the environment with new and improved initiatives to reduce waste.

Canandaigua, NY, September 17, 2021 – CMAC (Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center) is proud to announce that through new partnerships, the 2021 concert season ended as a nearly 100% zero-waste facility.

Over the summer, CMAC built partnerships with locally-based companies Natural UpcyclingJanus Services, Inc., Empire Recycling, and Waste Harmonics to sort and divert waste in real-time at the venue. At the end of each show, Janus Services, Inc. sorted through every bag of garbage from the venue making sure items were distributed to the proper containers for recycling, compost, returnables, or landfill. Natural Upcycling collected the compost waste, including a large variety of items other than food, like silverware and food containers. Empire Recycling provided CMAC with a covered container large enough to accommodate multiple shows and then hauled the compost from the venue. Waste Harmonics hauled the remaining garbage to landfill and recycling dumpsters. They also provided guidance on what the landfill will accept or reject and how to keep CMAC’s recycling clean and free of contaminates.

“CMAC has always strived to be at a minimum of 80%+ zero waste.  The final reports that CMAC received post-season from our haulers indicate that CMAC had NO contaminants —including our regular landfill, recyclables, and compostable material,” explained CMAC Operations & Facilities Manager, Heather Synder.

CMAC’s sustainability initiative grew in 2017 with a renewed focus on recognizing the venue’s footprint and taking steps to continuously rise to the next level of environmental responsibility for the community, patrons, and artists.

“We are incredibly proud of the team for their dedication to our environmental impact,” said CMAC General Manager, Chris Tuttle. “After each show, our employees worked until the wee hours of the morning to sort through trash and ensure it was heading to the correct facility,” he added.

In addition to the zero-waste solutions, CMAC has partnered with ZenWTR bottled water, the only beverage in the world using 100% Recycled, Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic. Every ZenWTR prevents up to five bottles from reaching and polluting the ocean. So just by offering ZenWTR, CMAC patrons are helping to restore our oceans. Best Beverage Catering has also supported CMAC’s efforts by ensuring that all food containers served to patrons are compostable or recyclable. These initiatives will continue into the 2022 season.


The Friends of Constellation Brands — Marvin Sands Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was formed with the mission to improve the quality of life in our community through culture, education, and the arts. It is located on the campus of Finger Lakes Community College in Ontario County.

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