The History of CMAC

1983:In 1983 the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center was founded and in 1983 it opened on the Finger Lakes Community College campus by Marvin Sands, founder of Canandaigua Wine Company, and other community leaders. Marvin founded CMAC (Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center) because he realized the important role that arts and culture play in the quality of the community.

History of CMAC, the beginning
History of CMAC, today

2005: In early 2005 a group of community leaders met with Richard Sands, Executive Vice Chairman of Constellation Brands, and Rob Sands, Executive Chairman of Constellation Brands, to discuss how their leadership, along with others in the community might pull together in continuing Marvin’s dream and ensuring that the center would not ‘go dark.’

2005: In early 2005 a group of community leaders met with Richard Sands, Chairman of Constellation Brands, and Rob Sands, President & CEO of Constellation Brands, to discuss how their leadership, along with others in the community might pull together in continuing Marvin’s dream and ensuring that the center would not ‘go dark.’

History of CMAC, today


2006: In 2006, this $13.5 million facility is the result of a privately-funded undertaking through the sale of 54 VIP boxes. Constellation Brands secured the naming rights. This state-of-the-art facility nurtures the arts for our community and provides the ultimate venue for music and entertainment. CMAC features 5,000 covered seats and lawn seating for up to 10,000 guests.

First class venue
First-class venue
First class venue

Top Notch Performers

In recent years, CMAC has attracted sold out shows and top-notch musical performers such as: Dave Matthews, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Lady Antebellum, Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg, The Allman Brothers, Tom Petty and Lynyrd Skynyrd. CMAC also accommodates musical theatre, dance, ballet and children’s activities in addition to being the summer home of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

CMAC Artists Collage



CMAC is proud to partner with Planet Reimagined to promote new solutions to climate challenges, including commitments to making sure that concerts at CMAC do not add excess carbon emissions to the environment.

Planet Reimagined is a non-profit social venture founded by bassist Adam Met of the multi-platinum band AJR. Planet Reimagined champions sustainability through the powerful tool of culture and entertainment to reach large audiences.

For each ticket sold in the 2022 season, CMAC will donate $1 to Planet Reimagined. With this partnership, CMAC joins the Show Goes On campaign, which highlights how bands, venues, and fans can consider their climate impacts at every step, from transportation to get to the show all the way through to composting after the show.

Planet Reimagined works globally and locally to bring communities together to campaign for people and the planet. One Planet Reimagined initiative this summer is a fellowship for students from around the world to do research about how the music industry can contribute to a healthier, cleaner planet.

CMAC partners up with Impact Earth


CMAC works closely with locally-based companies Natural UpcyclingJanus Services, Inc., Empire Recycling, and Waste Harmonics to sort and divert waste in real-time at the venue. At the end of each show, Janus Services, Inc. sorts through every bag of garbage from the venue making sure items go into the proper containers for recycling, compost, returnables, or landfill. Natural Upcycling collects our compost waste, including a large variety of items other than food, like silverware and food containers. Empire Recycling provides CMAC with a covered container large enough to accommodate multiple shows and then hauls compost from the venue. We also work closely with Waste Harmonics to haul our landfill and recycling dumpsters. They provide education on understanding what the landfill will accept/reject and how to keep our recycling clean and free of contaminates.

CMAC Designated drivers program

Designated Drivers

CMAC encourages our patrons to enjoy the show and rock on responsibly by offering designated drivers a complimentary water as they enter the venue. The Rock On Responsibly tent is located near the general entrance.

CMAC's tip donation program


Volunteers staff the wine and beer tents located on the main concession plaza each season and donate the dollars raised from tips to local not for profits. Over the past five years, over $50,000 has been donated to Thompson Health and the Canandaigua YMCA youth programs.



Managing Director – Anthony Makes
Business Development, VIP Ambassador – Maureen Ferguson
Business Development, VIP Ambassador – Beth Morsch
President – Virginia (Ginny) A. Clark
Vice President – Timothy Jones
Vice President – George Hamlin IVn
Secretary – Barbara LaVerdi
Treasurer – Oksana (Sandy) Dominach
Assistant Secretary – Abigail Norris
Assistant Treasurer – Stephanie Gorman


Virginia (Ginny) A. Clark
Lynn Quayle
Richard Sands (Chairman of the Board)
Lauren Dixon
Oksana (Sandy) Dominach
Asher Flaum
William Goodrich
George W. Hamlin, IV
Timothy Jones
Diana Lauria
James A. Locke III, ESQ.
Dr. Robert Nye
Philip H. Yawman
Jon Providence
Brian Young